Welcome to Osaka Asian Bistro - Charleston

Osaka Asian Bistro Restaurant offers authentic Asian cuisine and delicious fresh sushi in Charleston, SC. Osaka Asian Bistro's convenient location and affordable prices make our restaurant a natural choice for eat-in or take-out meals in the Charleston community. Restaurant is known for its variety in taste and high quality fresh ingredients. Come and experience friendly atmosphere and excellent service.


I'm surprised the star rating isn't higher for Osaka. We've had take out twice in the last week & have been really impressed. The sushi & sashimi lunch is really reasonable for sushi-.95, for 3 pieces of sushi, 6 sashimi pieces, a tuna roll & side salad with ginger dressing. We've also enjoyed the pork gyoza, veggie spring rolls & the spicy salmon hand rolls. 

The fish has been out of this world Fresh! There is no hint of "fishiness," or weird stringy bites. The sushi chef knows what he is doing & the cuts are clean & ample. The quality is perhaps the best we have encountered in Charleston. I absolutely love salmon sashimi (sake) and when it is at it's best, it nearly melts in your mouth. Osaka has this kind of quality salmon! It's amazing. The tuna and mackerel are equally mouthwatering. Sashimi tuna isn't my favorite, I usually find it to be slightly off putting & not as fresh as it should be. This hasn't been my experience at Osaka, it's very fresh & tasty. 

The pork gyoza are done just right & can be enjoyed in two manageable bites. You have the option of pork, chicken or veggie. The veggie spring rolls were better than most examples, crisp but not greasy. The spicy salmon hand rolls don't skimp on the spicy salmon filling, the ratio of fish to rice is balanced.

The interior of Osaka is pretty sleek, silver & black decor. The sushi bar seating looks quite comfortable & where we would opt to sit for dining in. There are a variety of different lunch Bento Boxes & Hibachi lunch meals in addition to the sushi & sashimi options.

Favorite Asian spot. Meals are tasty and fresh for good prices. Staff is very welcoming.

I probably wouldn't have stopped in here if I didn't have to go to Staples to pick up an order, but I'm glad that I did.  It was about 5:30pm on a Thursday by the time we got here, and we were seated rather quickly.  Our waitress came out to take drink orders and discussed the menu.  I ended up ordering one of the signature rolls which was called The Blizzard.  I don't remember what was on / in it, but it had tempura shrimp and was wicked good.  I also ordered a cucumber salad as a side.  It took a little while for us to get the check at the end, and a side order of eel was almost forgotten, but overall, it was a good experience and I'd come back if I was in the area again.

We began coming to Osaka recently after our favorite place dipped in quality/service (happy to report it's back to 100% and so are we!). Osaka has a little upscale feel to it; like an Asian fusion bistro. It's not overly large inside, so you're in slightly close quarters. I'm not sure if they do hibachi as i haven't seen hibachi tables and we've only sat in the main dining room. Food is great as is service. Price and portion is higher and smaller respectively in comparison to our favorite place. If you're craving this particular food and want a nice place, check out Osaka!

I can't believe this only has 3.5 stars. I just had the best sushi meal I've had in Charleston there - maybe one of the best ever! The salmon sashimi was insanely buttery and fresh, and everything else we had was delish. Really friendly, attentive and prompt service, and fairly priced.

They recently remodeled and it's a definite improvement. With the parking availability, I see no reason to ever go downtown for sushi.  Osaka nailed it.

I never saw what this place looked like before the new renovations, but not only did it smell amazing the second I walked in, everything else that came with it was also amazing. My friends ordered a sushi boat filled with 8 rolls and what a beautiful site it was! Their menu has quite a few delectable items to choose from. My husband ordered an appetizer of steamed shrimp shumai (I've trained him well, haha) and to my surprise, it was even delivered the way it should always be delivered... In a bamboo steamed basket on top of cabbage!!!! Ohhhh, and it doesn't stop there! I ordered the mushroom clear soup which totally satisfied my craving and the "out of control" roll which truly hit the spot! Service was great, especially considering the fact we had such a large party.